Honda Shadow Spirit 750 Billski Taillight Mod

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Before and after pictures of the stock tail light and signal lights and my current customization with a side mount light/license plate bracket. I will try and find the pics from when I had the Billski light, and side mount license plate bracket with chrome and red light bullet bolts wired as running lights. But for now I am posting what I have currently, as well as the Billski instructions for those that may need them.

I used Billski's light/bracket as a starting point for cleaning up the tail end of my bike. I ended up also using some custom LED blinkers that were made by a former shadow rider named Nicko99, the signals are inside the two "corners" of the cat eye tail light. I used a hack saw to cut off the brackets for the stock rear turn signals, and ended up cutting off the license plate bracket portion of the Billski bracket to clean it up even further and go with a side mount license plate bracket.

Two things I would do different here is get a different tail light without the license plate bracket, and I would get a side mount bracket with a light already on it (already done this just posting this information for those considering different options), since Texas law states the plate needs to be lit, I added lights to my old side mount, and ended up just getting a completely different side mount with taillight and license plate bracket.

Instructions for installing this tail light can be found on Billski's site here: 

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