Honda Shadow Spirit 750 Holesaw Mod Page

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This mod requires using a 2 1/4 inch hole saw to drill out the welds holding the resonator's in the stock exhaust pipes

Tools needed:

I used an 18 volt 3/8" cordless drill, but do this at your own risk, as others have reported they burned up more than one drill doing this mod even with a corded drill.

I found if I went slow with cutting oil in the opening of the tail pipe, I was able to let the saw do the work, I had to keep a spare batter handy and on the charger, and took it slow to make sure I did not damage the saw blade or the drill, and I had this mod completed in just under an hour. A corded more powerful drill would certainly make a difference, however be sure to let the blade do the cutting and use plenty of oil.

You will also need to drill out the plugs in the carbs to access and adjust the idle air mix screws to prevent popping and back firing on deceleration.  The link below has more details on this mod with instructions on how to access and adjust the mix screws, so to give props, another shadow rider has documented this mod in detail here:

If your are considering this mod, you already know how your stock exhaust pipes sound, to get an idea of the difference, below is a video  I captured of the Stock Intake and Stock Exhaust after the hole saw mod (mix screws turned out 3 1/2 turns on both carbs) Click the Video Window below to play the video.

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