Honda Shadow Spirit 750 Mirror Adapter Eliminator Mod

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Most of the aftermarket mirrors for Metric Cruisers are basically made for Harley's and use an adapter be able to attach them to the bike. This mod basically calls for some drilling of the clutch perch in order to use the included hex bolts from the aftermarket mirrors. The idea is give your bike a cleaner appearance where the mirrors mount.

Tools needed:

I used drill bits in two sizes one that matches the hole opening to drill down through the existing hole all the way through to the underneath side of the mounting hole. Then another just large enough to allow the hex head bolt to be counter sunk into the hole from below so it does not interfere with the clutch lever operation. Just drill slowly and start with the smaller size bits for the countersink hole from underneath and test fit the bolt as you go till it fits into the hole. Use locktite on the bolts to keep it from slipping later. The brake side mirror did not require any drilling as the hex bolt head does not interfere with the brake lever operation, if you want to countersink that hole you might be able to get away with it, however there is not as much clearance inside that mount hole, so I chose to leave it as it was.

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